Become an Early Adopter

Vivedus, in partnership with the University of Melbourne’s Metrics team, led by Professor Sandra Milligan, is pioneering advancements in assessment practices for learning. Together, with partnerships involving three early-adopter schools, Vivedus and the University of Melbourne aim to achieve a ground-breaking milestone: the world’s first validation of assessment tools for Creative Intelligence that can be used in a Learner Profile.

Early-adopter schools will receive three exclusive opportunities

Be part of world-leading research into assessment tools for higher-order cognitive skills and competencies.

The University of Melbourne is no longer accepting individual partnership schools into its immensely successful program. This opportunity is an exclusive chance to work with Vivedus and the University of Melbourne on a world-leading project to assess higher-order cognitive skills and competencies.

A professional development opportunity like none other.

These teachers will be part of the validation trial for assessment for creative intelligence with the Metrics team at the University of Melbourne. The opportunity to be a member of a world leading research team will be a significant support for a teacher’s application for HALT.

Develop a Learner Profile with Vivedus and the University of Melbourne.

The University of Melbourne has been working with various education systems, including the South Australia Department of Education, to develop a Learner Profile that will replace ATAR. The early adopter schools will have the opportunity to tailor a Learner Profile to their specific philosophy and lead the move to evidence-based reporting of key competencies alongside academic achievement.

To be part of this exclusive opportunity please complete the Early Adopters Expression of Interest form by 5pm 26 July 2024.