Compelling Leadership

Trust is the key to a healthy, vibrant and innovative organisation. It is the role of the leader of every organisation (the principal or CEO) to cast a compelling vision and then build a culture of trust so that the members of the community will invest the effort to achieve the goal together. Paul Browning’s PhD study revealed 10 practices that any person can implement to effectively build a culture of trust. That work has been published in the mainstream book, “Principled: 10 leadership practices for building trust”, published in 2020 by The University of Queensland Press. It is currently in its third reprint. For the past 10 years, Paul has been running leadership workshops focused on trust across the globe. For more information about those workshops and how to measure trust, visit his website,

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I am thrilled to endorse Paul Browning as a presenter for any leadership development program. Townsville Catholic Education has had the pleasure of working with Paul, who has presented sessions on how to build trust as a leader to our Aspiring Leaders. I can confidently say that Paul is exceptionally engaging and impactful. Participants consistently find Paul's presentations not just insightful and practical but highly relevant to their leadership journeys. Thank you, Paul, for your valuable contributions to the Townsville Catholic Education Office and for guiding aspiring leaders in building trust and fostering effective leadership. Your expertise is truly invaluable.

John Nuttall

Director of School Development Services, Townsville Catholic Education Office

Paul came into my life when I was deeply struggling in a leadership role. Even though he was incredibly busy as a Headmaster of a School, he took the time to get to know me as a person and through deep care, patience and wisdom guided and challenged me to think outside the box. He planted the seed in my head to explore the possibilities beyond my then school gate. Now, I am thriving in an elite private school in Brisbane. Through conversations with Paul and reading his materials I feel that I have become a much more empathetic, thoughtful and innovative leader.

Alex Rados

Director of Football (Anglican Church Grammar School)

Paul's mentoring has helped me immensely in my leadership and governance role as chair of a school board. He combines his knowledge and experience base with discernment and insight to deliver powerful sessions of transformation. Paul is passionate in helping people and generous with his resources. With his help I am confident you will experience success in your leadership context.

Jeremy Fernando

Chair of Lighthouse Christian College

I wholeheartedly recommend Paul as a coach/mentor as he has provided me with support, advice and most importantly his time. His unwavering dedication to fostering professional growth is truly commendable. With his wealth of knowledge and compassionate approach, he empowered me to realize my full potential. Paul's impact extends far beyond the realm of education; he is an inspiration and I have always appreciated his guidance.

Dr Andrea Stringer