The Vivedus Product

The Vivedus model clearly articulates how content will be delivered to ensure that creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship are fostered in the mind of every student.

Vivedus is not a curriculum in and of itself, rather, it guides teachers through how curriculum, content can be delivered beyond knowing and doing. Vivedus can be applied to any curriculum.

This means Vivedus is not only compliant with any education regulation (e.g. for Australian Schools, Vivedus is compliant with ACARA, NCCD, and every State’s regulatory body, e.g. NSSAB, NEAS, etc.) but is also globally scalable.

Vivedus takes learning beyond the curriculum.

Vivedus takes learning beyond the classroom.

Vivedus takes learning beyond creativity.

SaaS Platform

The Vivedus Platform

The product is a licensable Software as a Service (SaaS), AI enabled platform designed to support teachers to embed the capabilities (or soft skills) necessary for creative, innovative and entrepreneurial thinking.

The Vivedus platform delivers:

a teaching and learning planner:

a teacher professional growth tool:

an across school community of practice; and,

a student learner profile.

Not only does Vivedus transform the learning, reigniting student’s imaginations, but it also re-engages young people in learning, providing them a hope for the future.

The Vivedus platform has been carefully designed to support teacher’s professional growth and reduce their workload, particularly in the area of planning for learning and Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD) requirements for students with a disability or learning adjustment (Australian Schools).

Not only is the Vivedus model underpinned by significant theory and evidence, but the platform has also been designed by teachers for teachers.

Become a Vivedus School

Vivedus is a whole school teaching and learning model that takes education out of the industrial age to provide an education worthy of the 21st century.

Schools wishing to become a “Vivedus” school licence the product on a per teacher basis. The platform seamlessly integrates with a school’s current student management system, so all student data, classes, Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and assessment data are uploaded automatically, reducing duplication of administration.

Currently the product is a whole school product, but in 2025 Vivedus will release an individual teacher product for those teachers keen to grow their capacity and teach for creativity.

Vivedus is about inspiring, infusing life and vibrancy, and surpassing creativity and learning.

Vivedus takes learning beyond.

Vivedus takes learning beyond.

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