Tech Stack

The Vivedus Product

Our SaaS platform is built using a reliable and efficient tech stack prioritising performance, security and data sovereignty.


Access 24/7 support

Our support system is structured around a 24/7 service desk, staffed by skilled Australian engineers, ready to address and resolve any issues promptly. With Sentry for in-app monitoring, we proactively identify and mitigate potential problems in advance, maintaining a high standard of service.


Keep your existing systems

We focus on integrating seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure with options for data synchronization with your school's existing applications. Our approach ensures that we access only the data necessary for the application's operation, prioritizing data integrity and confidentiality.

Our platform can also be operated in a stand-alone manner where integration is not possible.


Maintain data protection

Data protection is a key priority, with all data encrypted both at rest and in transit. Our on-call escalation process is designed for quick and efficient problem solving, ensuring minimal disruption to services. We offer a 99.90% uptime Service Level Agreement, reflecting our commitment to consistent and reliable service.

For data hosting, we use Amazon Web Services in Sydney or Azure in Melbourne (TBD), ensuring data sovereignty for our Australian clients. Our development team, based in Australia, further guarantees that your data remains within the country, aligning with local data protection regulations.

We conduct thorough third-party penetration testing to ensure our platform's security, in addition to integrating a robust Web-application-firewall (WAF) and other security mechanisms.

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